Tuesday, September 3, 2013

you can call me mrs.

of all the fabulous things that have happened since February of 2012, this is my favorite fabulous thing.
handsome and i are legally bound to put up with each other
for the forseeable future.
romantic, yes?

and that isn't all! more updates are coming, if i can just maintain...

p.s.  if you love these pictures as much as i do, just check out dixiepixel!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

why i feel so lucky...

handsome:  what do you want to do for valentine's day?

me: grab a bite to eat after work
and spend the evening saying how much we love each other.

handsome:  so… you we’re going to treat it like a normal tuesday?

me:  exactly.

because with him, i don't need to designate a day for more love :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011


when i was little, i used to have these horrible nightmares,
and it drove my parents insane-
a fact they couldn't possibly hide from me.

so being such a good child (i really was!)
i tried my best not to call out for them when i woke up at night.

instead i called out for rachel.

so here is to my big sister as she turns 36today-
for always being there
and scaring away the monsters.

you're still my hero...

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

regrets: hair

i think the reason i'm such a happy person
is because i don't have a lot of regrets.

in fact, there is only one big regret-
and a million tiny ones that i don't think about
very *often.

one of those teeny tiny regrets is my hair.
you see, i used to have this head of
i liked them. 
a lot.

i liked that i could be bohemian, or i could flat iron them to look sleek.
then i began to like the sleek look a little more.
and then i got a **respensive flat iron that i can't afford
(but my sister can, so it was a merry christmas to me!)
i thought it would be a good idea
to turn up the heat to
450 degrees...

and my flat iron rose to the challenge!
so well, that i didn't have any curl left.

recently i had about 6 inches of my hair cut off
then i decided to lower the power of my flat iron to
230 degrees
then the flat iron stopped working

maybe it was supposed to be-
because this morning i had
an honest
to god

yes, just one-

but it looked like it might
start a riot.

and i'm okay with that.

*often is relative, yes?

**when ever i think something is over the top,
     i like to add a 're' to the beginning of it... that's not weird, is it?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

conversations that end up this way are generally, well- you know...

handsome:  did you think that was awkward?
me:  yes, that was awkward.

have you ever found yourself at a party,
where you were the only non-married, non-child-rearing person there? 
it’s not weird, is it?
no- it is fun!

now, imagine the party is a meet and greet
for your friend’s newborn baby. 
and you’re there with your main squeeze. 
and the two of you are the only non-married people.
and still, the only other non-parents 
are completely outnumbered by parents. 

it's not that i don't care about pumping v. formula
or about bowel movements
or daycare wait lists
maybe someday i will care very much...

right now,
i care when people talk to me and handsome like
marriage and children
is a done deal.
a foregone conclusion.
something that i need to write down now
because time's a-wasting and
my uterus isn't getting any younger.

because i am aware of my age.
but i'm also aware that our friends love us,
and love us together
so much,
that they can't imagine handsome and i
not having the type of life they do.

but we're not married.
we only talk about marriage in abstracts

and i like it that way…

because for the first time in the history of miss priss dating,
i am not only spectacularly happy with someone,
but i’m really enjoying the journey.

now, don't get me wrong-
if handsome and i keep going on this track o’ bliss
i couldn’t imagine not making it permanent.
actually, i couldn’t imagine not making it permanent now, but for later

does that even make sense?

i love my friends for seeing us as the real thing
i love feeling like we’re the real thing
but it would be nice to have more time to get there...

so for now, i think handsome and i are going to have to deal
with the awkward conversations
and if we are very
very lucky,
maybe in a handful of years
we can make non-married couples just as uncomfortable with our married talk
somewhere down the road
when we're finished dating
you know,
in the future.