Friday, June 10, 2011

busy bee goes "bzzzzzz"

updates are so much fun,
if you know where to begin...
let's see... oh, yes- memorial day!
i went to the annual cochford chicken fry.
i think i drank a teensy bit too much,
because i had too much fun playing
have you heard of it?
well, get thee to google!

and then come back and look at this picture:
please, everyone already knows that
alcohol = stupidity
(with just a hint of awesome)

this is just proves it.

then i'd like to talk about...
a visit with my sister
the place?
 Louisville, KY in general
though technically it was clarksville, IN

handsome and I took the weekend to visit raina (A Weim's World)
and her too hot to handle husband. 
now those two know how to host!

Just look...

*and* it garnered what might be my favorite picture of all time

i'm so happy with us...