Friday, July 1, 2011

i'm going to start calling this blog:

because it would make sense.

city of sure, that's it.

i do apologize if you are from there,
or just like the city.

i don't.

but they do have a few interesting things there:

it was already broken when i got there.

and i am completely enthralled with city hall tower. 
i plan to do a great amount of soul searching until i can understand the reason behind it.

this made me think of handsome.
i missed him something fierce during my trip.

i thought this was going to be my little mecca away from mecca, but two things:

1.  it is not pronounced correctly
2.  there are no books

though it was saved by housing some of the best food i've ever tasted. 
all of it was filled with grease and goodness.

knoxville, the old depot railway
2.5 acres of beer...

i'm starting to think there is a common denominator to the bliss of one miss priss...

so much bliss that i ended up giving my sunglasses to this lady. 
why? because i just got a freebie visor; and free stuff makes me feel all share-y.

it's okay though.  some sweet old man in a gas station bought me a pair of hot pink and black plaid, 80s style sunglasses. 

yes, i'm sure you are.